Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What is a normal day like for an escort?

Here's a typical day:
Wake up, shower, shave everything (takes forever, too), moisturize, stretch.
Call my favorite phone worker for my schedule.
Drive to the apartment a half-hour before my first appointment.
Clean up the bedroom, put out fresh towels, make the bed with fresh sheets, light candles, make sure there's plenty of water in the Brita. We used to use bottled water, but that's wasteful.
Chat with other escorts and security until my client arrives.
Warn other escorts so they can hide while I let the client in, check his ID, and take him to the bedroom. Show the client the bathroom so he can shower and freshen up. Ask if he wants some water.
Call the phone worker to let her know that my client is here and his ID checks out.
Return to bedroom. Wait for client to emerge from the shower.
If client is already naked, strip. If not, I wait to get naked until he does.
Chat for a while.
Begin kissing.
Kissing progresses to wandering hands, which progresses to sex, yay!
After sex, get rid of the now-icky condoms and chat for awhile longer.
About 10 minutes before the end of the session, offer another shower.
Get clothes on.
Check to make sure that no other clients are leaving right then and show my client out.
Take shower myself, re-clean room, change sheets, run laundry (I run so much goddamn laundry, it's ridiculous), wipe up bathroom, put out fresh towels.
Hang out in the living room until next client, and then repeat.
After four clients or the end of my shift, go home.
Do typical 20-something stuff until bedtime!

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