Friday, April 3, 2009

Do many guys lose their virginity to escorts?

Yes, I've seen virgins. Sometimes they're people (like the fat guy) who, in my opinion, probably aren't going to get laid the normal way, so I have no problem with them coming to me. They're mostly very nice, very nervous, and almost always have a hard time getting off. Some of them, however, are younger guys, nothing really wrong with them besides social awkwardness, who decide to see an escort instead of trying to work on their social skills. They're almost always clingy and complain about not having any friends, so I try to push them into getting themselves involved in more social activities. One of the nice things about the job is that, when two people are naked together, you can be a lot more blunt about your advice.

I think being an escort has more of a stigma, especially because escorts are generally women and women having casual sex at all is more looked-down-upon. Look at how people talk about, say, Ron Jeremy versus Asia Carrera. Both of them seem to be charming, intelligent people with a sense of humor, but Ron Jeremy gets to be a teddy bear and show up in mainstream movies while Asia Carrera is relagated to the trashy porn star bin.

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