Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How many days a week do you escort? What kind of hours is it?

Right now, I'm working 4 days a week, on-call 6 hours a day (that means I get between 1 and 4 appointments). I actually get the most customers on weekdays around noon, because that's when all the businessmen can sneak off from their jobs.

I don't actually make quite that much because I have to take time off for being sick (like right now). Still, it's very, very good money.

Monday, March 30, 2009

How did you get started being an escort in the first place?

Got curious, needed the money, looked on craigslist at the Erotic Gigs section, somehow found an awesome, stable agency on my first try.

The interview was pretty hilarious, though. I look kind of innocent, so my boss kept asking "Are you sure you know what we're doing here? I can tell you again if you don't understand. Are you sure this is what you want?" My poor boyfriend at the time had to vouch for me being kind of a nympho; I was wearing him out.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Have you ever felt like you changed someone's life as an escort?

I had a three-hour appointment once with a regular who came in absolutely heartbroken that his dog had died. He'd been holding it in all day at work because he didn't want to be all miserable in front of his coworkers, but practically as soon as he undressed, he broke down and cried. I ended up rubbing his back for a loooooong time while he talked about how awesome his dog was, how much he was going to miss him, how his dog had been there for him when his wife had died, goofy things the dog did, irritating things the dog did, just this whole eulogy. It was like as soon as he was physically naked, he felt like it was okay to be emotionally vulnerable. About two hours in, he was smiling again and making jokes, and his whole body just sort of unknotted itself. So we had kind of slow, lazy sex, cuddled for awhile, and then he left.

The next day, the dispatcher kept asking me WTF I did to get so many calls, and it turned out the guy went on one of the hobbyist forums and told everyone they should come see me if they needed someone who would let them relax and get things off their chest. It was sweet.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

In your opinion, why is prostitution illegal in the US?

I suspect it's illegal for a couple of reasons. For one thing, people tend to have a bee up their butts at any sort of sex that doesn't fit the "loving monogamous heterosexual relationship" mold. For another thing, having prostitution illegal lends itself very well to abusive and desperate situations (human trafficking, the abusive pimp, selling sex for drug money), which gives prostitution as a whole a bad image. People don't hear prostitute and think of a college-educated girl having generally-fun sex and making money doing it, they think of girls smuggled over the border and kept in brothel-prisons or junkies so desperate for money that they'll consent to anything.

It's actively enforced much like drugs are. Prostitutes of and serving the middle class seem to be mostly left alone. Prostitutes serving the poor and the very rich get more legal attention, the first because streetwalkers are obvious and they have fewer resources to keep themselves safe and the latter because anything having to do with rich people and sex has instant media appeal.

Friday, March 27, 2009

What age were you when you lost your virginity? Can I get multiple escorts? Do you wear your own clothes?

Virginity lost: 17

Sex for money: 21

I was raped once after I started escorting. The bastard wasn't a client, just a regular date, and the cops told me there wasn't enough evidence to do anything about it. Grr. Therapy helped, though.

Multiple escorts to one client: Yep, that's called a double (or triple if he hired three other girls). Usually the guys who do that just want to watch. Group sex is a lot of fun, although you need a really big bed.

I provide my own clothes, but they're mostly in the vein of "pretty dress + heels." I'm not a big fan of, say, maid outfits or anything like that.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Do you think you have an unusual attitude towards sex?How long before you end up hogtied in somebody's car boot?

I do think I have an unusual view of sex. For one thing, I don't see just the penetrative act as sex; oral and manual sex both count as sex in my book just as much as intercourse. I wouldn't say society has it all wrong, although I do think society does have a lot of unhealthy attitudes toward sex. It'd be really arrogant to say that I have all the answers, though, but my own attitudes work for me (and my partner, and our other dates).

If I had to justify what I do to myself, I'd probably stop doing it. I'm comfortable with my job and my life. As for clients, occaisionally I do get the white knighting "What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?!" and I find that the classic response works best*.

It'd be a very inefficient serial killer who provided two forms of ID, got a reference from another escort, faxed work documents to us, provided us with two phone numbers, and then waited a week to see me just to try to get me past a big burly security guard and stuff me in the trunk of his car. I think he'd probably pick an easier target.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What happens if you have a customer who can't "finish" in a timely manner?

I'm a bit flexible on the time limit, but it depends on how nice you are to me about it and if I have another appointment scheduled right afterwards. If you're a jerk, you're leaving after an hour, and if you're a jerk who arrived late, you're leaving an hour after your appointment was supposed to start.

If a client can't get off, usually I just shrug it off, we do whatever mutually satisfying thing we can, and then I hint that they should book a longer appointment next time.

I'm not asked to dress up too often, which is good because I don't have a huge costume wardrobe. Generally, I dress nicely but not really flamboyantly sexually. A typical outfit would be a cute, flowy dress that hits right above the knee, some heels, and maybe a cardigan if it's cold out. The clothes come off pretty quickly, so I don't tend to get complicated with my outfits.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Do you worry about getting arrested as an escort?

I do worry a little about the legality, but it's not crippling fear. My position on the prostitution totem pole also keeps me pretty safe: I'm not on the streets prompting cries to "clean up the city," and I don't have famous people or politicians as clients so there isn't the same scrutiny. The fact that we absolutely do not allow any drug use is also helpful. Law enforcement generally has better things to do than set up elaborate sting operations to give a bunch of girls a night in jail and a fine, and I don't even think the clients get a night in jail.

I see a bit like smoking pot — illegal but unlikely to get me in trouble unless I do something stupid — and escorting benefits me much more than pot. There's still that little bit of fear, but I mostly use it to remind myself not to take extra risks.

As for taxes, there's no record anywhere of how much money I make and it's always in cash, so the likelihood of getting screwed over for taxes is pretty small. I want to pay them because I believe in government, not because I'm afraid.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Can a small breasted woman become an escort?

A huge percentage of my clients wax poetic over my not-big-at-all-boobs, so I think it's more about finding one's niche. If I wanted to attract the clients who are into the whole blonde bombshell look, well, I wouldn't have much luck. My look in general is very natural: not a lot of obvious makeup (of course, it takes work to keep things that subtle), simple dresses, delicate jewelry, that kind of thing. I don't look like a porn star, but judging by how busy I am, that's not a bad thing. And, of course, confidence is always sexy. I like my body much more the way it is than if I pumped it up full of silicone and coated myself in spray tan.

Most of the hobbyists I see are pretty decent, if a little old for my personal tastes. They seem to think of visiting escorts as something akin to being a wine afficionado - it's a luxury they appreciate, like to talk about (which I don't really like), compare with other hobbyists, etc.. The younger guys tend to be the ones who just come in because they're horny or trying to lose their virginity or trying to act like a high-roller. It's a little silly.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

How often do you ever get offered more money for dirtier stuff you don't normally do- like anal or being tied up etc?

Actually, it's strictly verboten to offer an escort money for sexual services. I get paid for my time and that's it; if you start offering me money for a specific sexual act, I'll give you one warning and then ask you to leave. Besides, why would I violate the sanctity of my butthole when I'm already making $175 an hour? Sheesh. I actually like being tied up, but it's not something I do at work because it makes me feel less in-control of the situation.

I actually had no debt after college because I basically made scholarship-hunting into a full-time job. What little was left over I paid out-of-pocket.

Right now, I'm saving about $100 out of every $175. My rent's all paid off for a long time, I'm very cheap (I cook for myself and shop at thrift stores and craigslist), and my main weakness, books, is not an expensive vice.

As far as trends go, the younger guys are generally much more nervous and less experimental. They usually don't want to talk as much, they apologize for every little thing (like laying on my hair or losing their hard-on), and it's generally a big pain in the ass to get them to relax and have a good time. Older guys are less attractive physically but also more fun.

The only big issue with older guys is STUPID FUCKING VIAGRA. Man was not meant to have an erection lasting for the whole of a three-hour session. I get chafed!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

How old is too old to escort?

As for when I get too old: there are tons and tons of escorts who stay in the business well into their 40s and even 50s. They don't get the sheer numbers that younger women do, but they tend to have a very stable client base and regular appointments. The ones who do well tend to be very active in the hobbyist community, though, and I'm not very fond of that, so I'd quit when that started to be an issue. I'd also quit if I began to have any kind of mental health issue caused by escorting, or if I wanted to have kids.

You might have the wrong idea about agencies. Agencies don't technically hire escorts, they represent us. You could say we hire them, considering that they get paid out of our rates, but it's a more symbiotic relationship than that. An agency might stop representing an escort if she wasn't getting enough appointments to pay for her advertising for whatever reason, including age, but there are plenty of escorts out there who don't use an agency and only see regulars.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Who's the grossest person you had sex with?

I had this one client who came in because he really, really, really obviously wasn't ever going to get laid the normal way. I think he had a medical condition or something, because this was quite honestly the fattest dude I've ever seen. It was a shame, because he actually had quite a handsome face, but the folds, ugh. Anyway, apparently he generally had a problem with what I can only call fold stink, because he'd scrubbed himself so hard that he'd actually ripped his skin up in some places. I spent most of the session bandaging him up and talking about how much we both hated The O.C.. Finally we had sex (with him having to hold up a double-handful of folds) and even though I was utterly non-turned-on, I still felt like I was doing a public service. Poor guy. He left really happy, though.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

How do customers know which agencies are classy and which are trash?

Let's see, things I'd be suspicious about :

- All Asians or Latinas, because they might be trafficked and thus basically slaves. This means Asian "happy ending" massage parlors should also be suspect.

- Too many girls. When an agency has over around ten escorts, it's generally unable to treat them all individually and often skimps on screening.

- A lazy screening process generally indicates a lack of concern for the wellbeing of the escorts. This means that, generally, you shouldn't be able to get a same-day appointment unless you've already been screened.

- Escorts showing their faces in pictures. Sometimes decent agencies do this, but it often means that the escorts don't really have anything to lose. Skeevy!

- Shitty pictures. An agency that is treating their escorts like individuals should advertise them as individuals, not as grainy photos of t&a.

A good way to check is to go to the employment section of an agency's website. It should spell out some of the terms the escorts work under.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Would you prefer if escorting became more legitimate in the eyes of the law?

I'd love it if prostitution became legal and regulated. It probably would lower rates some, but it would also probably lower the cost of doing business as well. Part of why our screening process is so thorough is that, unfortunately, if someone does get violent, it's harder for us to involve law enforcement. Generally we have some sort of private security, but it's not the same. Legalisation would also make it much easier to crack down on truly exploitative agencies (and pimps, and human trafficking) because as it is now, we're all under the same umbrella. There's a world of difference between someone like me and my coworkers and someone who has been illegally brought to this country to serve as a sex slave, or someone whose pimp forces her to have sex for his profit.

I get tested for STDs pretty much constantly anyway, so it's not like that would be different. As for keeping it a secret: I'd happily come out to everyone who knows me, as awful as that would be, if it helped prevent slavery and rape.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Do you only think of the money or are there other positive sides to being an escort?

Well, for one thing, I never "have" to have sex. If I'm really uncomfortable with someone, out the door they go; if me being uncomfortable is their fault, I still get paid. $250 buys an hour of my time, no more, no less. In general, though, I do have sex with my clients, in part because this is a highly reputation-based business and I like having return clients. For another thing: I really really really like sex. I think the analogy is "Sex is like pizza: even when it's bad, it's still pretty good." Sometimes I've had pretty awesome sex with clients, sometimes it's bad, mostly it's mediocre (but I still get off), and I'd much rather get paid lots of money to have orgasms and make out than not very much money to burn my fingers and roast over a hot grill.

Really, you can't imagine an unpleasant, uncomfortable job? Work fast food for a little while. I had blisters all over my fingers from being burned on the fryers, prickly heat, and a grease smell that wouldn't wash off. Nasty. There are plenty of other unpleasant, uncomfortable jobs, too: coal miners probably get pretty sore (and black lung isn't a picnic), bike messengers ride through bitter cold and pouring rain, retail workers get screamed at, etc..

Let's see, other benefits: I'm not going to lie, it is pretty nice getting complimented by people who are paying you to hang out with them. I get some nice books, too, and get taken to delicious meals. The sex, as I mentioned, is usually at least decent. I meet entertaining people who relax and tell me about their lives, so I learn interesting and sometimes hilarious things. (For example, I had a jewelry-store owner as a client who told stories about wannabe thugs coming in looking for cheap bling and not knowing the difference between CZs and diamonds, heh.)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Is being an escort an exotic lifestyle, or something you take up out of desperation?

Neither. It's a job. Sometimes it's irritating, sometimes it's fun (orgasms are pretty great anyway), mostly it's pretty bland. It's a lot like customer service except that instead of just having to be (or pretend to be) friendly and helpful, I also am (or pretend to be, depending on the client) flirtatious and totally into the sex. The money is excellent and it beats the hell out of working in fast food, where I had to deal with 10 times the asshole customers, no supportive management, and reeked of grease all day.

How did you get in this business and what are your long term plans?

I'd been curious about it, I'd done some soul-searching and realized that sex+companionship for money didn't sound anything like as objectionable as various other "normal" jobs I've had, and the money is pretty great for a college grad in a shitty economy. Fortunately, I found an excellent agency off craigslist of all places, so I met the owner and several of the other ladies, realized that nobody was getting exploited (in this particular agency! there are some skeevy ones out there), and gave it a try.

Long term plans: At the very least, I'll be doing this until my partner lands a steady job (see: shitty economy) and I find something more career-oriented. Right now, I'm building up a nice pool of savings and starting a wedding fund. Ideally, I'd love to sell a manuscript and write professionally, but I'm looking at administrative jobs right now. I'll definitely quit by the time I want to have kids, though.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

How would you describe your looks? What are your selling points? What makes you more desirable?

On TER, the main escort review website, my scores range from an 8 to a 10 depending on taste; I think the lowest I've ever had was a 7 from a guy who was exceedingly upset that I was at least a foot taller than him. I'm not exactly an amazon, though, just leggy. As I mentioned before, I get compared to Audrey Hepburn a lot, since my coloring is quite similar.

What makes me more desireable? The question is more "What makes me different." Many people would call the Playboy "blonde, tan, and buxom" look extremely desireable, but there are a lot of escorts with that look. I'm pale, brunette and slender with smallish boobs; I wear rather minimal makeup and don't have any weird piercings. Additionally, I'm intellectual shading to geeky, I can discuss Shakespeare, non-contemporary music, and politics with a reasonable amount of aplomb, and I make it very clear that prefer books as presents over flowers or chocolates. Basically, I don't look or behave like most other women in the business, so I get plenty of niche customers.

Plus, I give awesome head and can have multiple orgasms. Those are also big factors.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Do you worry about STDs? Have you ever gotten one from this job?

I do worry a lot about STDs and am quite rabid about practicing safer sex. Most of my clients understand this, but you always get the idiot who wants to go bareback. For one thing, NO NEVER WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU? For another, they never seem to realize that an escort who lets one client skip out on condom use is almost certainly letting scads of them do the same, ugh.

Fortunately, I've never caught anything from this job but a ton of UTIs. I did catch HPV from the guy I lost my virginity with (I'd never done anything but kissing before him, too), so go figure.

Friday, March 13, 2009

How do escorts schedule their meetings with a client? Have you ever been arrested?

Never been arrested. Hopefully the police have better things to do than bother someone providing companionship.

I don't have any contact with clients, so they don't know my phone number, email, or anything. I work with an agency, so I get all my clients exhaustively screened; they have to call well in advance and schedule an appointment, wait to be cleared (this involves giving references from other escorts they've seen, job checks, DMV info, the whole nine yards), and only find out where to go on the day of. I do incall, meaning I work out of an apartment or hotel room. It's safer for me, plus there's an advantage in getting to kick people out when there time is done. For regulars, I sometimes get hired to go on dates, but it's not something I'd do with a new client.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What was the absolute worst encounter you've had on account of your profession?

When I'd just started, I had a guy who was exceedingly critical and domineering. I'm naturally a little submissive and wasn't experienced enough yet to stand up for myself and kick him out, which is what I'd do now. He made me cry, the asshole, because he'd called and requested an outfit 5 minutes before I got there and I couldn't magically make one appear.

Most of my bad experiences are just uncomfortable and unpleasant, not really miserable.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Are you ever attracted to your clients? How many regulars do you have? Do you date?

Let's see. Okay, none of my clients are people I'd want to date, as I'm in my early twenties and they're either 40+ or, more rarely, screwed-up younger people. The older guys can be fun; they're better at sex and they're generally seeing an escort for the variety. Most of the younger guys are, well, you can see why they're having to pay for sex.

I have about 30-50 regulars, as in people who see me at least every couple months (although some make appointments every week like clockwork).

As for my dating life: I suppose I'm what you could call polyamorous. My main partner knows what I do and doesn't mind, and it's an incredible relief to be able to come home and vent. We've been together for two years and are talking about getting married. I do occaisionally date other people (although not too much, since I'm pretty shy and a homebody), and unfortunately I tend to lie about my job. It sucks, especially since I dislike keeping secrets, but it's not exactly something you tell a casual date.

Do you ever get clients/customers who just want the companionship and don't expect any sex?

Yes, quite frequently, although I don't know how universal that is. A lot of my client base consists of men (and yes, they're always men) who like me because I'm educated and a good conversationalist.

As for whether they're more or less interesting: it depends on the guy. Some of them are soooooo boring (no, dude, I don't want to hear about your money troubles, especially when you're spending $Texas on seeing me). Some are pleasant to talk to, although not generally to the point where I could see myself hanging out with them off-duty. I do prefer the clients who talk to me and treat me like a person (if a rather attractive person that they probably intend to have sex with) than the ones who are just looking for a hole. The latter should probably just invest in a realdoll.