Sunday, April 5, 2009

Do you have bad feelings to the lower class professionals, if you could even call them that?

My feelings toward lower-class escorts, prostitutes, and streetwalkers are a little complicated. I do feel sorry for a lot of them: drug addiction and abuse are very common there, and it's not like you can help how you were born and raised. The qualities that allow me to be higher-class are very much middle-class ones: I'm educated, I speak without class or racial markers (ebonics or a "redneck" accent), I've had the benefit of good healthcare and nuitrition throughout my life, my parents raised me lovingly and modelled a good relationship for me, etc.. Most streetwalkers don't have those advantages, so it's hard to blame them. On the other hand, though, there are people who have made some really terrible choices in their lives, who are involved in gang activity, who don't want to try to get out of their addictions, and it's very difficult not to be angry when their choices put me in danger.

I do donate anonymously to several sex worker outreach programs that provide STD testing and help to sex workers who want to get out of the industry, so that assuages my conscience somewhat. Still, it's a difficult topic.

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