Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Could an escort do oral only and still get clients?

My agency just does GFE, so we don't have escorts that don't do full service. There are many agencies that represent escorts that only do oral, or who do "erotic massage" (backrub + handjob). There are also zillions of independent escorts with various limits, so it just depends on whether your clients find them too strict for your price range. Insisting on condoms forever does lower the kind of rates I can set; when you get to the $350+ level, clients generally expect condomless blowjobs, although if an escort is well-known enough, she can be an exception.

There's a thriving community of what amounts to private strippers, who pretty much just do companionship + a strip show with no physical contact whatsoever. They seem to do pretty well.

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