Sunday, April 26, 2009

How typical would you say you are among escorts? Do you like books?

I'm about as typical among escorts as I am among women in general, although it's not quite the same. Escorts in general tend to be a little different, if only because someone who believes wholeheartedly into society's vision of an "ideal" life is probably not going to want to be an escort. We're oddballs in different ways, though. For example, my friend Tara is a huuuuge fitness buff, runs marathons, and loves to kickbox. I work with an escort who does a lot of community theater and loves historical reenactments and another who is really into the hardcore BDSM scene (although she doesn't do BDSM at work).

Anyway, a lot of escorts like to read, although not everyone is into nerdy fiction like I am. If you want to make sure you can have a good conversation, look for escorts with reviews that point to them being fun to talk to, consult the agency and ask for recommendations, etc.. The agency wants to get you an appointment with the right escort so you'll become a repeat client, so don't be afraid to be specific about non-sexual stuff.


  1. I want to get involved in escorting, but I have so many questions. Your blog doesn't have a place to send you questions....

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