Friday, March 20, 2009

Who's the grossest person you had sex with?

I had this one client who came in because he really, really, really obviously wasn't ever going to get laid the normal way. I think he had a medical condition or something, because this was quite honestly the fattest dude I've ever seen. It was a shame, because he actually had quite a handsome face, but the folds, ugh. Anyway, apparently he generally had a problem with what I can only call fold stink, because he'd scrubbed himself so hard that he'd actually ripped his skin up in some places. I spent most of the session bandaging him up and talking about how much we both hated The O.C.. Finally we had sex (with him having to hold up a double-handful of folds) and even though I was utterly non-turned-on, I still felt like I was doing a public service. Poor guy. He left really happy, though.

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