Monday, March 23, 2009

Can a small breasted woman become an escort?

A huge percentage of my clients wax poetic over my not-big-at-all-boobs, so I think it's more about finding one's niche. If I wanted to attract the clients who are into the whole blonde bombshell look, well, I wouldn't have much luck. My look in general is very natural: not a lot of obvious makeup (of course, it takes work to keep things that subtle), simple dresses, delicate jewelry, that kind of thing. I don't look like a porn star, but judging by how busy I am, that's not a bad thing. And, of course, confidence is always sexy. I like my body much more the way it is than if I pumped it up full of silicone and coated myself in spray tan.

Most of the hobbyists I see are pretty decent, if a little old for my personal tastes. They seem to think of visiting escorts as something akin to being a wine afficionado - it's a luxury they appreciate, like to talk about (which I don't really like), compare with other hobbyists, etc.. The younger guys tend to be the ones who just come in because they're horny or trying to lose their virginity or trying to act like a high-roller. It's a little silly.

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