Thursday, March 26, 2009

Do you think you have an unusual attitude towards sex?How long before you end up hogtied in somebody's car boot?

I do think I have an unusual view of sex. For one thing, I don't see just the penetrative act as sex; oral and manual sex both count as sex in my book just as much as intercourse. I wouldn't say society has it all wrong, although I do think society does have a lot of unhealthy attitudes toward sex. It'd be really arrogant to say that I have all the answers, though, but my own attitudes work for me (and my partner, and our other dates).

If I had to justify what I do to myself, I'd probably stop doing it. I'm comfortable with my job and my life. As for clients, occaisionally I do get the white knighting "What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?!" and I find that the classic response works best*.

It'd be a very inefficient serial killer who provided two forms of ID, got a reference from another escort, faxed work documents to us, provided us with two phone numbers, and then waited a week to see me just to try to get me past a big burly security guard and stuff me in the trunk of his car. I think he'd probably pick an easier target.

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