Monday, March 16, 2009

How did you get in this business and what are your long term plans?

I'd been curious about it, I'd done some soul-searching and realized that sex+companionship for money didn't sound anything like as objectionable as various other "normal" jobs I've had, and the money is pretty great for a college grad in a shitty economy. Fortunately, I found an excellent agency off craigslist of all places, so I met the owner and several of the other ladies, realized that nobody was getting exploited (in this particular agency! there are some skeevy ones out there), and gave it a try.

Long term plans: At the very least, I'll be doing this until my partner lands a steady job (see: shitty economy) and I find something more career-oriented. Right now, I'm building up a nice pool of savings and starting a wedding fund. Ideally, I'd love to sell a manuscript and write professionally, but I'm looking at administrative jobs right now. I'll definitely quit by the time I want to have kids, though.

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