Sunday, March 29, 2009

Have you ever felt like you changed someone's life as an escort?

I had a three-hour appointment once with a regular who came in absolutely heartbroken that his dog had died. He'd been holding it in all day at work because he didn't want to be all miserable in front of his coworkers, but practically as soon as he undressed, he broke down and cried. I ended up rubbing his back for a loooooong time while he talked about how awesome his dog was, how much he was going to miss him, how his dog had been there for him when his wife had died, goofy things the dog did, irritating things the dog did, just this whole eulogy. It was like as soon as he was physically naked, he felt like it was okay to be emotionally vulnerable. About two hours in, he was smiling again and making jokes, and his whole body just sort of unknotted itself. So we had kind of slow, lazy sex, cuddled for awhile, and then he left.

The next day, the dispatcher kept asking me WTF I did to get so many calls, and it turned out the guy went on one of the hobbyist forums and told everyone they should come see me if they needed someone who would let them relax and get things off their chest. It was sweet.

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