Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Are you ever attracted to your clients? How many regulars do you have? Do you date?

Let's see. Okay, none of my clients are people I'd want to date, as I'm in my early twenties and they're either 40+ or, more rarely, screwed-up younger people. The older guys can be fun; they're better at sex and they're generally seeing an escort for the variety. Most of the younger guys are, well, you can see why they're having to pay for sex.

I have about 30-50 regulars, as in people who see me at least every couple months (although some make appointments every week like clockwork).

As for my dating life: I suppose I'm what you could call polyamorous. My main partner knows what I do and doesn't mind, and it's an incredible relief to be able to come home and vent. We've been together for two years and are talking about getting married. I do occaisionally date other people (although not too much, since I'm pretty shy and a homebody), and unfortunately I tend to lie about my job. It sucks, especially since I dislike keeping secrets, but it's not exactly something you tell a casual date.

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