Friday, March 13, 2009

How do escorts schedule their meetings with a client? Have you ever been arrested?

Never been arrested. Hopefully the police have better things to do than bother someone providing companionship.

I don't have any contact with clients, so they don't know my phone number, email, or anything. I work with an agency, so I get all my clients exhaustively screened; they have to call well in advance and schedule an appointment, wait to be cleared (this involves giving references from other escorts they've seen, job checks, DMV info, the whole nine yards), and only find out where to go on the day of. I do incall, meaning I work out of an apartment or hotel room. It's safer for me, plus there's an advantage in getting to kick people out when there time is done. For regulars, I sometimes get hired to go on dates, but it's not something I'd do with a new client.

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